Welcome to ACE Design Drafting

ACE Design Drafting is now a branch office for a major Architectural firm. This Architectural firm is licensed in over 20 states, including Arizona, California and Nevada. Because of this, ACE Design Drafting is now able to accommodate all your design needs, from a simple Casita or R.V. garage addition and single-family residential projects to multi-family residential and commercial project you may desire. To bring our clients the most accurate and complete set of construction documents, we use an AutoDesk product called “Revit”. With Revit, we don’t draw your project, we literally construct your project, in full 3D on the computer. Revit also generates schedules for anything we place in the project. As such you will have a schedule that not only lets you know the size of your doors and windows but also all the information that you need including the rough openings. It also generates a schedule of materials that include such things as the cubic yards of concrete or how many sq.ft. of drywall you’re going to need for the project. If needed, Revit also has the ability to do “cut & fill” on the project letting you know how much cubic yards of dirt you are going to have to move. While Auto Architect and Revit are “AutoDesk” products Auto Architect is unable to provide you with most of the things listed above.