About Us

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ACE Design Drafting was established in Lake Havasu City, Arizona in October, 1989 and was the first computerized drafting service in the area. With well over 25 years of experience in designing, we have designed everything from residential to commercial projects. Today we design primarily residential and duplex housing. We still have the capability and ability to design any structure you may want, however, commercial and multi family structures have to be designed under to auspices of a registrant. Through the years, the drawing technology has evolved from drawing on a hard board, with paper and pencil, to the computer and now to the computer in full 3-dimension. A.C.E Design Drafting, is the only design company in the area, drawing in full 3-dimension, as so we offer you the opportunity of viewing every detail of your project as it is being designed. We work via the internet and have the capability of letting you view your project from the comfort of your home, on your computer from anywhere in the country. While ACE Design Drafting is based in Lake Havasu City, we have the capability of designing your project anywhere State and Local Codes permit. We have designed projects as far away as Colorado, Maine and Illinois.